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photo by Saahera Ashraf

photo by Saahera Ashraf


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Veronica Pedrosa Abdala is an artist, storyteller, and curator. She enjoys sharing her work with youth as a way to encourage building vibrant communities. Her approach is practical; she teaches others how to create using the resources available to them. Her work empowers individuals to create healthy connections between the environment and themselves. She expresses that there is a beauty of being in a specific place and building connections to it, to the people – it makes this ordinary place you can locate on a map, a special space where one has feelings attached to it. She engages in this work in the U.S. and in her home country Colombia.

For artist(a) Pedrosa Abdala, art helps express emotional truths that might otherwise remain invisible. She has a special interest in experiences with Dislocation, Displacement, and Dualities. She tells stories from the inside out - stories of Colombia by a Colombian. The overall composition of each piece expresses the artist’s understanding that humans cannot be categorized in a single story. She hopes this will open a window or door that is available to all of us.

Veronica Pedrosa Abdala received a B.F.A. in Illustration with a minor in Fibers from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.